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Just Because...

Just Because...

On Thursday 30th March, Strategy Creative hosted a party at the Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA) during the David Shrigley Lose Your Mind exhibition.

The theme for the party was “Just Because” and there were plenty of just becauses as to why we decided to throw the party, including:

Just because...

  • It was the end of the financial year
  • We’d finally recovered from the silly season
  • We wanted to catch up with everyone
  • David Shrigley’s work is fantastic
  • Strategy is CoCA’s Creative Partner

Surprise guest Dr Dan the Psychologist greeted everyone at the door by psychoanalysing the “just because” behind their attendance. The variety was interesting with some guests being there just because they thought CoCA was a nightclub, and others just because their boss made them go.

The variation in personality types was reflected in the variety of industries represented by those attending. From earthworks contractors to food retailers, architects to charitable trust managers; no two conversations were the same. The diversity in our clients and partners means we’re always learning new things at Strategy and that’s what makes our work so fulfilling.

See you at the next party.


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