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The things we learned

The things we learned

Reflecting on another year of TEDx. When you’re at home buzzing with excitement about the future efficiency of delivery and service trucks, you know that TEDx has got you.

Since 2010, TEDx Christchurch has gained a well-deserved reputation as a truly uplifting and thought-provoking event for passionate thinkers. When they approached us this year in need of a creative partner, we were more than happy to take on the challenge.

Chris Flack, our Design Director at Strategy Christchurch (and quite clearly a bit of a TED fan) was thrilled to be involved in the project.

“Obviously it’s the kind of thing we love to support. TEDx is a world-class event, so having it here in Christchurch is always going to be exciting.

But as well as that, it’s also a serious creative challenge. When you think about the online global exposure TED gets, you know you’re really designing something very international. There’s definitely a pressure; I was very aware of our work needing to make sense in that larger context. But then counter to that, you have to ensure that the design makes sense locally – that it will fit into the Christchurch brand landscape.”

The theme for this year’s event was ‘Think Again’, and the challenge for Chris and his design team became creating something that “would get people thinking from the get-go.”  It also needed to be the in TED spirit – engaging, versatile and fresh.

“We used the isometric cube to challenge people’s perceptions. When put in different contexts, we felt that it encouraged the audience to think about how changing your angle changes your view."

And did it work?

“Absolutely. We got a lot of great feedback, and I felt like the whole event was so successful. Obviously it was a bit of a learning process – no matter how well it works at the time, you always end up plotting how you’ll make it even better the second time around. But overall, seeing everyone there on the day, seeing all the signage working… it’s a great feeling.”

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